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xlta okay so youre saying that, when men take photos of naked women for sexual reasons, they put all women at a greater risk of being assaulted or harassed by making you look like objects. okay that actually makes sense

mikewouldknow   yes, and as women, we shouldn’t have to constantly worry about what might happen to us in public. whether a man will try to have sex with us despite our numerous claims to get him to stop. not every male photographer lets the female model know that these photos are for “sexual reasons.” nude does not equate to sexual, it just means naked bodies until both or all parties consent to the photos being sexual. can you imagine being a young girl going in to get her pictures taken and then pressured into being sexual through the photographer’s claims that “you’ll do this if you want your career to go anywhere?” some young girls have to go through this because men think “oh she’s nude, she’s giving me the go ahead to be totally sexual.” that’s WRONG and that is the type of thought that perpetuates rape culture and puts girls at risk daily. trust me, while women do check men out in a casual way … it in no way harms you, or men as a whole. it does not put you at risk. when you go out at night (idk if you can at 17 where you live) do you have to worry about how you dress and what that might lead to? if you’ll be drugged and raped and during your most vulnerable and hurtful time be told you were asking for it? no, you don’t because the majority of women do not see men as merely sexual objects to be taken advantage of. in fact, the majority of women are scared of men because of what they have put us (or fellow females) through. if you can see the flaws in the mindset of society, what has been institutionalized and stuffed into your and our minds as “right” then so can others and the patriarchy can be stopped.  it starts with you. this is true equality, not just men whining asking to stop being called “creepy.” how about you men stop… being creepy and dangerous and forceful. stop giving us ammunition and we won’t need to load the gun. equality is not about being viewed the same, it’s about being treated the same. i want the same respect as a man gets. if im working in a business meeting i want everyone to listen to my valid points like they listen to their male counterparts. i want to be able to go out at night and not worry about who might try to “claim what’s his.” because im not a mans play toy, im not his eye candy, i am a self sufficient human being who happens to be female and im “claiming what’s her’s”: equal rights.